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About me

Sharon MayfieldI first came to Yoga in 2004 whilst I was living in South Wales. I don't feel it would be an exageration to say that over the next few years Yoga revolutionised my life. As such Yoga has become more than a hobby or a job but a life's work. In my Yoga Classes this is what I endeavour to share with my students, the capacity for transformation through Yoga. It's a personal and individual journey for everyone and my role is simply to offer the space and tools with which we can explore, discover and define our own 'inner state'.

During 2007-08 I completed the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course and in 2008-09 I attended the Meditation Training course at the Mandala Yoga Ashram in South Wales.

I have also completed a two Year Yoga Teacher Training Course at the Mandala Yoga Ashram. This course is validated and accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga (the governing body for yoga in the UK)

I have recently completed the training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli of the Sitaram Partnership and Yoga Campus to teach Antenatal Yoga.

This year 2014, I am undertaking an in depth course on the Chakras.  The course started in September and is taking place at Manadala Yoga Ashram in South Wales over the coming year.

For 2015 I have already booked myself a place on the following course 'Rest & Renew Learning to Teach Restorative Yoga'. I am very excited about attending this course in London as it is being taught by Judith Hanson Lasater who is credited with establishing Restorative Yoga as a modern yogic discipline. Find out more.

I am now teaching regular yoga classes in Matlock. Pleas see individual pages for more deatils.

Body Mind Yoga

Yoga = Union

The Union of Body, Mind and Spirit

Through moving the body using Asana, bringing greater awareness into the movement of the physical body, then noticing the movement of the breath in the body and using the mind to co-ordinate these two processes we can begin switch off the continuous chatter of the mind and thus find space, rest & relaxation and restore our system on each of these three levels, body, breath and mind.

My focus is on working safely, with the breath and alignment, finding ways for us all to access the benefits of the practice, regardless of what we perceive our ‘ability’ to be. There is always an emphasis on allowing space for letting go and for relaxation. I often work with a set number of Asanas (postures) over a few weeks. Becoming familiar with the Asanas can allow you to redirect attention from the physical movement to the movement of the breath, to co-ordination and concentration, thus accessing deeper levels of practice.

If you would like to combine working your body and breath with awareness. If you are interested in creating space and ease in Body, Breath & Mind, to begin to access your true nature and intuitive wisdom, then come along and join us.

The benefits of yoga can be felt on all levels of our lives and can help:

  • Manage emotional and mental stress
  • Relieve physical strain in the body
  • Induce a sense of relaxation
  • Create a sense of peace within yourself
  • Develop your own innate wisdom
  • Create a greater balance in your life
  • Reduce anxiety and worry

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